Barn Buddies

Intricate Roots is excited to announce a new Social and Emotional Learning opportunity for teachers to engage in with their students!

Barn Buddies gives your class the chance to partner with either Gary (the alpaca), Felix (the goat), Pepsi (the mini-donkey), or Daisy (the mini-horse) this year as we email back and forth about social and emotional topics. This is currently targeted for pre-K through 5th grade students, but we are more than wiling to have conversations if your class might be a good candidate if you work with older students. Your class will receive fun emails which include photos and videos of the animals as well.

Each animal will provide weekly prompts or topics to talk about or areas they “need support” with and you can use those topics to start conversations with your students. Then, as a classroom you will write a class email back to the animal with your ideas and thoughts. For example, over the weekend, Daisy (the mini-horse) was upset because the other horses were playing games without her. This could be a topic the animal asks your classroom about: What do they do when they are sad? What are things to do when your friends hurt your feelings? What are steps Daisy could take to resolve this conflict?

If you are a teacher who is interested in partnering with Intricate Roots and our Barn Buddies, please email us at