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“Jessica is an amazing teacher. She has mastery of a wide range of content related to the brain, development, attachment, trauma and learning. Most important, she knows how to teach it to others. She is funny, attuned to the learners, flexible and fills her training with practical application to bring the core concepts to life. She is an essential member of our Neurosequential Network community. She is an emerging international leader in the field of trauma and education; I can’t recommend her enough."

- Dr. Bruce Perry

"Jessica presented the closing keynote at the Texas School Social Workers Conference this year. She spoke to over 800 school social workers from across the state about using SEL to promote regulation. Every now and then we have a keynote speaker who leaves an indelible mark on the participants, and Jessica was that person this year. Most notably, participants were left with a call to action to work with the adults on their campuses to ensure their own regulation, prior to working with the students. To quote one of the participants, “Jessica was an amazing presenter. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and entire approach was so connecting, grounding, and rejuvenating.” As the Chair of the conference, I couldn’t agree more."

- Mary Beer, LCSW-S

“Jessica is an outstanding presenter and trainer. She explores the core concepts of brain development and how they impact classroom dynamics. Jessica’s work in education helps us understand how to use a developmentally sensitive and biologically relevant approach to enhance the learning environment while creating realistic outcomes for students and school staff.”
- Phyllis Reed (Assistant Director of Health Education - Colorado Department of Education)

Keynote Speaking Events

We provide keynote presentations to educational systems and settings around the world. 

Texas School Social Work Association Conference

The Resilience Impact Conference

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Education

Mesa School District - Phoenix Arizona

Emergency Services, Santa Barbara, CA

Colorado School Social Work Association Conference

STEM Academy Symposium, Norfolk, Virginia

Colorado Department of Education

Regional Office of Education #30, Murphysboro, IL

University of Northern Colorado School Psychology Symposium

Colorado Society of School Psychologists

Aurora Public Schools District

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